Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Global ESDGC Blog Audience

We hope that the many events planned for Wales Sustainability Week were all successful. Our event was a daily contribution to this blog and as such it's interesting to see what the level of interest has been in this blog and also online activity in general for the month of May.

This ESDGC blog has been viewed 238 times by readers (in descending order) from the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, China, Fiji, Ireland, Italy, Russia and Bangladesh, so we've had a good coverage from many parts of the world. It's hoped that through this global audience the commitment of Wales as a nation and the University of Wales has to sustainable development and global citizenship is enhanced.

More generally, a Google search today returns 684 results for "Wales Sustainability Week", which includes six news items, up to 58 tweets (including those that use the hashtag #wsw11) and 10 mentions on Facebook. This is perhaps a little disappointing in that the week was not ultimately disseminated more widely across the internet, and it doesn't seem to have been mentioned much at all in newspapers. Perhaps there should be a greater drive for online events in 2012 to allow a greater number of people to participate, not only in Wales but from around the world.

It is intended that this blog continue with future posts regarding education for sustainable development and global citizenship from the School of STEM at the University of Wales.

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