Saturday, 14 May 2011

ESDGC Research by University of Wales Postgraduate Students

Over yesterday and today, the inaugural University of Wales Student Research Conference has been taking place in Cardiff. It features research being undertaken by PhD and MPhil students within University of Wales Alliance institutions and its Collaborative Centres, and is a dynamic and exciting opportunity for University of Wales research students to meet up and discuss their research.

Some of the research topics are in the field of sustainable development and global citizenship. For example, the research of Jennifer Osula, a University of Wales student studying at the Greenwich School of Management in London, is investigating FairTrade. Her poster presentation entitled "The role of motivation in bridging the attitude-behaviour gap" is featured below:

Poster: Bridging the motivation and attitude gap (FairTrade)

I had a chance to talk to her about her research in the following interview:

(unfortunately, the sound quality isn't very good - apologies)

Also of the Greenwich School of Management, Buyoke Taslim is researching "The Application of Best Value Practices in the Management of Public Service in Nigeria":

Buyoke Taslim: Public Service in Nigeria

Poster - Public Services in Nigeria

These are only a couple of research projects underway by the 1100 or so University of Wales postgraduate students in Wales and around the world related to sustainable development and global citizenship.

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  1. Congrats Jennifer!! Very proud of you. Millie